Cool Sculpting Causing Problems for Kim and Kanye

Kim Kardashian is determined to lose weight quick. Despite her husband Kanye trying to talk her out of getting surgery Kim disregarded his wishes. Since giving birth to her second child Saint West on December 5th Kim has lost a confirmed 17 pounds.

The type of surgery Kim has done is cool sculpting. Kim has done cool sculpting in order to ensure looking hot for the New Year. Radar Online stated that Kim would undergo liposuction if it were up to her. However, she feels that Kanye would lose it if she did since he is against that type of procedure.

Along with Kanye being alarmed about Kim’s weight loss her family is also concerned. The rest of the family feels that Kim is sending out the wrong message for her fans.

Cool sculpting is a procedure done by a surgeon. It involves blasting fat away where wanted by the individual. Kim had done this surgery while airing the show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” While the show aired Kanye and Kim got married in 2014. Shortly after the stars had a baby girl named North West. Kanye had lost his mother due to breast augmentation gone wrong. Maybe the thought of something going wrong made Kanye not all for his wife doing a risky procedure.

Now with their second son born there are reports of Kim and Kanye fighting and not getting along. Rumor has it that because of the constant fighting Kim and Kanye may be splitting up. Sources state that Kim flipped out because Kanye continues to ignore her ideas and disregards her. Sources stated that Kanye’s response was to walk away and not look back initiating they are done. What is in store for the future of these two celebrities? Resources soon enough will come out.


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