FDA’s Recent Approval of the CoolMini


Recently, the FDA cleared the CoolMini made for fat reduction for sale with Mirror Mirror Beauty Boutique. It has been approved primarily for helping to reduce double chins, which are often associated with aging. The subliminal fat in double chins is often difficult to eliminate by just exercise and diet alone; both lifestyle and genetics often play major roles in its development. Unlike other fat, unless you wear extremely high turtle necks all the time, double chins are almost impossible to cover up. Coolsculpting with Zeltiq is currently one of the popular methods of helping to reduce it.

Coolsculpting is a method based on Cryolipolisis, which exposes fat cells to extreme cold and kills them off. This often results in the tissues being shrunk to return to their natural state. Coolsculpting is also used to reduce fat in the abdomen, back, thighs, arms and hip love handles. A recent survey conducted by the ASDS (American Society for Dermatological Surgery) found that over 22 million U.S. citizens are interested in exploring methods of fat reduction that are non-invasive.

What makes the Coolmini stand out is its smaller size and new type of curvature. It is designed specifically to reduce smaller pockets of fat, such as the double-chin. Sessions usually take about an hour and results can start to be seen in as little as three weeks. However, maximized benefits are usually not noticed until up to three months after the first treatment.

President and CEO of Zeltiq, Mark Foley has stated that he believes that now that it’s been FDA-approved that the new CoolMini will become a popular method that will top even liposuction, especially in treating the neck area. Both patients and physicians overall have given it a 93% satisfaction.

Mirror Mirror is excited to welcome the new product to its CoolSculpting decrease-in-fat family.


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