Great Body Shaping Technology

Cosmetic surgery has been around for a long time. It dates back to 6000 B.C., when ancient Egyptians used to perform nose jobs. The need for enhancing your appearance is nothing new and quite antiquated. Our own version of perfection is something everyone seeks and tries to achieve. But many are afraid to go under the knife and that is when new technology can help.

Technology has advanced greatly over the years and we are now able to reshape and contour with the ease of a body shaper. For those wanting to avoid going under the knife this technology is the best route. You have no injections, no incisions and no surgery. You have absolutely no scarring and many times minimal bruising that heals quickly. A great body sculpting technique is cool sculpting.

Cool sculpting reduces fat. It is often performed in a physicians office and is FDA approved. It is an ideal procedure for those wanting to lose 5 to 20 pounds. Although it is not a weight-loss procedure it aides in the weight-loss process. The candidate that is seeking cool sculpting must have a “grab-able” area of fat. The subcutaneous fat is drawn into an applicator. It uses suction cups to tighten the skin. Although excess skin will not be affected. Thermage CPT is a heat option. The heat is delivered through energy, this radio-frequency energy stimulates new collagen and over a six-month period you will find that the skin tightens and is much smoother.

Treatments like these keep evolving over time. Many may find that some work for them while others have little to no success. But they are great options when wanting to try something that is non-invasive. Sometimes the best options are to eat a healthy diet. Keep eating foods that are non-inflammatory. You can easily move everyday and find a workout that works for you. When working out, at least 3 days a week can be very effective. When you don’t see results after your hard work, this technology can be an added bonus to increase the process for the body that you want.



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