Nothing Wrong With Botox

“There ain’t nothing wrong with botox!” For those with gorgeous skin who have never needed or tried the regenerative powers of botox, more power to you. We’re actually happy for those of you who proudly and unapologetically display your crows feet. God bless those of you who believe that your gray hair is a crown of glory; and smooches to each of you who believes every crevice and wrinkle in your face is a badge of courage, a sign of beauty and respect that you’ve earned just for living long.

Kathie-Lee and Hoda aren’t judging anyone who has gone under the knife or who has experienced the prick of the needle. They believe that everyone has the right to decide how he or she will age. Sometimes the perfection we see in the face and skin of others is not so much genetic, or cosmetic perfection as it is attitude. Confidence you have in the skin you’re in does more to make you beautiful than any cream or medical procedure can.

Dame Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, and Helen Mirren are gorgeous. Theirs is a story about how far strong character and confidence will carry you in your quest for outer beauty. They are still vibrant and working in an industry that will kick you to the curb once you are deemed “unbankable or unboinkable.”

That’s Our Big Shtick
Kathie Lee and Hoda’s friendship is genuine. Their humorous antics are a great sign of their love. While in Israel at the Western Wall, Kathie Lee tried to stick a message in the wall for her best bud. Because the red envelope was so large, she had to tear a piece off. It was then she realized it was a Frosty the Snowman Christmas card; it didn’t matter, she got the job done for Hoda.


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