Reduce Stretch Marks the Safe, Easy, Non-Invasive Way

While stretch marks are most commonly associated with pregnancy and weight gain, both men and women can experience them on their hips, thighs, stomachs, arms, and chests. Stretchmarks can range from pale white to dark red or purple. While they are both harmless and painless, they can negatively impact self-esteem as people may not feel confident enough to expose the areas of their bodies where stretch marks are present. This can make things like swimming, exercising, or being intimate complicated and distressing.

While there is no proven method for preventing stretch marks, there is a way to help reduce their appearance and improve self-esteem– laser stretch mark reduction.
Unlike cosmetic surgeries or skin peels, laser stretch mark reduction does not require a significant recovery time. Sessions typically last thirty minutes, up to 75% improvement can be seen after the first treatment, and patients are able to go about their regular daily activities immediately afterward. In addition to treating stretch marks, this technique is also extremely useful for reducing the appearance of scars.

Using fractional pulses of laser light, doctors are able to break down the scar tissue that gives stretch marks their texture, and help them fade. After treatment, the treated areas of skin are smoother and more even in both texture and color. This treatment is suitable for almost all skin types and complexions, with the exception of very dark skin tones. This treatment is the first and only treatment of its kind to be approved by the FDA for the reduction of both scars and stretch marks.

Though stretch marks don’t cause any side effects other than embarrassment, they can have a profound effect on someone’s pride. This laser treatment is the first of its kind, able to give those suffering from stretch marks or scars back their sense of self-esteem in as little as one thirty minute session.


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