Staying Young Has It’s Benefits


People have been using different types of treatments to minimize the signs of aging, such as Botox and fillers. However, a new treatment has made its way to the list of options that is not invasive called Ultherapy. This treatment uses ultrasound to lift the skin on and around the face. This type of treatment has benefits that the competitors do not offer. These benefits include the fact that Ultherapy is FDA approved, treatment usually takes just an hour to have done, and no more than one treatment is typically necessary. This ultrasound procedure gives doctors the ability to see the tissue that is being treated, and allows the energy of the ultrasound to be put where it will be most beneficial. There are differences in how the different treatments provide results. Botox tends to be more focused on the muscles, which in turn work to smooth out the unwanted lines. Whereas, with Ultherapy, the focus is on each layer of skin, which tends to raise the skin from the creation of new collagen.

In order to determine which procedure is best, one would have to determine if they can handle the continuous poking of a needle in one sitting. If the answer is no, then the Ultherapy is the best option. When using this new method, it is best to start the treatment as early as possible for best results. People tend to begin seeing changes after a month of use, but drastic results can be seen after the third month of use. Doctors suggest that only people over the age of thirty should use this treatment. People that will find the treatment useful, would be those who suffer from conditions such as double chin, sagging and wrinkles. There are no side effects that have been reported in connection with the use of Ultherapy, and can be performed in any area, instead of the whole face.


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